Richard Mylan in The Cherry Orchard

Richard Mylan played the role of Ceri, an unemployed leather-clad 'anarcho-socialist' who forms a relationship with Rainey's rather posh daughter, Anya.

Written shortly before the Russian Revolution, The Cherry Orchard is one of the greatest of all plays. Chekhov's comedy captures a world on the brink of social upheaval.

It is a witty, compassionate study of humanity's flaws and our refusal to face what is right in front of us.

This masterpiece is radically reimagined by one of the most powerful partnerships working in theatre today - Gary Owen and Rachel O'Riordan.

The new version places the action in another time on the cusp of huge social change - early 80s Britain at the outset of Margaret Thatcher's regime.



Richard Mylan in The Cherry Orchard

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Gary Owen's new version of Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard is a gloriously inventive reimagining that wrings the grief from the original, transforming it into a gently heartbreaking study of landscape and loss.
★★★★★ - The Stage

Owen's play is a thoroughly engrossing and entertaining watch - though the last image may be a tragic one, it's the laughter that will linger from this Sherman success.
★★★★★ - WhatsOnStage

The play is as sharp as an axe when it comes to interrogating class, money and social mobility.
★★★★ - The Guardian

Rachel O'Riordan's clear and taut production highlights its strengths. Her ensemble cast do justice to lively scenes, dynamic dialogue and humour.
★★★★ - The Observer

Acting wise, this is some of Wales' best theatrical talent.
★★★★ - The Sprout